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My Dear Friend Anorexia
Are you about to eat right now??
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Our Motive


Why do we do it?
This page will mainly be created by YOU. Send me your motives, your reasons, your story either anonymously or not. It could be a sentence, or a novel. It will then be posted on this page. If you choose to do this know that many people will be able to share, relate to, or try to understand what you are going or already went through.

Written by: The creator of this site
My anorexia has always been dormant with in me. My mom had always been super thin, thus she always wanted me to be super thin. My father happened to be very over weight, thus i could NEVER be overweight. As a child i was a little chubby, but in no means fat. But the comments from my parents always put me down. I never felt that i had my parents approval. When i was 15, my anorexic tendencies began to imerge. My older sibilings were perfect students, going to amazing colleges, i was not. I was a good student, but not amazing. Thus when my grades were, once again, not good enough, and complete instability formed in my relationships with my parents and my best friend, i began to starve myself. I tranferred highschools for possible better luck socially, and because of all this chaos and my insecurities, i resorted to any amount of stress with starvation. My weight is the only thing i can control, and as cliche as it sounds, it really was. Family problems increased, teenage angsiety, grades were slipping, i had absolutly no one to talk to, friends and family were dying, and all i did was lose weight. It is my subconscious mechanism of dealing with stress. Why i have an eating disorder: A search for approval and control.

Trust In Ana