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My Dear Friend Anorexia
Are you about to eat right now??
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Tips and Tricks

because we all need them...

General Tips:
1) Try monitering your food the day before. Pick out exactly what you are going to eat, how many calories, etc. It really helps on keeping you strong for the next day, since youve created your own boundries.
2) When really hungry, take a few tums. It surpresses your appetite as well as gives you alot of calcium.
Having a craving?
1) drink tea, or another form of hot water (ie: coffee) to supress your hunger. It really helps. especially if you are drinking green tea it boosts your metabolism.
2) chew gum, you swallow air which makes you feel full, and you have the sensation of chewing something
3) try egg whites, they are extremely filling, are practically pure protein, and are only 13 calories.
4) eat infront of a mirror, it will make you never want to eat again
5) watch other people eat, its very gross if you concentrate on it
6) find an internet ana buddy to chat with
At a restuarant:
1) Drink a full glass of water before ordering, and keep refilling
2) Stomach ache complaints are always helpfull
3) salad salad salad
At dinner:
1) fake sick, obviously
2) cut all your food into tiny tiny bites, so youll look like you have eaten more then you actually have
3) make more tea

4) ask how long dinner is gonna be and if its over x-amount of time, for example 30 minutes, ask to eat now because you are "so hungry" then make something and pretend to eat it by taking it to your room or somewhere. Then you dont have to eat dinner, since youve already eaten.

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